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The Street.Com Article Quotes Larry L. Kasper, CPA

The Street.com is an internet site that keeps track of business, particularly as related to the internet.  They called me to interview me on the tax aspects of divorce, and in particular, alimony.

My comments were not taken down quite right. What I meant to convey is that some times you can pay out a property settlement as alimony over a very short time and get a tax deduction as alimony.  But what came out is "Sometimes paying out alimony as property settlement is actually a very good approach." which is exactly the opposite of what I was saying.  I also said in relation to retirement plans, that paying alimony as a share of the value of your pension when you retire ("If and When") may be preferable to a property settlement splitting the pension, or paying a large portion the marital assets now as property for a pension offset.  Somehow much of this got lost.

The file as it appeared on the internet in its entirety can be read.  Some of the graphics could not be preserved as they are stored on their server, but most of it appears. I am quoted a couple of times about half way through the article,

"D-I-V-O-R-C-E Doesn't Have to Spell High T-A-X-E-S"
By Tracy Byrnes
Senior Writer

7/13/00 5:26 PM ET